Feel hot and Glare in your house or office, you can install windown tint now. Guarantee Nice, Fast, Effective, Responsible Workmanship.

Six Benefits of Thermal Insulation Film

Insulation up to 60% - 90%
UV99% Blocks Red Ultraviolet Rays
Longer Lasting Furniture Protection
Skin Protection
Beautify Your House
More Privacy
(Not Visible During The Day)

  • Tinting Service For House / Building
  • Solar Control Film | ̫Ĥ
  • Explosion Proof Film | Ĥ
  • Reflective Film | Ĥ
  • Frosted Film | ɰĤ

Application: For Commercial and Residential

  • Bedroom / Balcony / Kitchen / Office / Meeting Rooms / Sliding door / Warehouse / Bathroom toilet etc
  • Up to 2-10 years warranty
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